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Spiraling Development with Japan - Manufacturing Technology Becomes Remanufacturing Technology -

Publication Date: March 2023

Author: ODA, Kazue

This is an easy-to-read report (18 pages) written in a magazine-style format. The original report from IntelligenceWatch exists.

Report Summary: Scandinavian cities are often referred to alongside Silicon Valley in the context of innovation. But they also have similar elements to Japan in that they are strong in hardware.

Of the 100 "Climate Neutral Mission Cities" selected by the EU to achieve virtually zero carbon emissions by 2045, 16 were selected from the Nordic region. They are about to start various initiatives to become more sustainable cities, while receiving huge investments.

The deciding factor is circulation. This is the creation of a global standard for recycling resources without producing waste, and it is also an easy playing field for Europe, with its high labor costs and low underground resources.

Around the year 2000, Japan strove to create a world-class recycling-oriented society. But why didn't it become a recycling-oriented industry? Please read the rest of this article in the main text.

TIC_Spiral development_202303_EN_0415
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