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New Report Released "Divide and Conquer"

Pub Date:February, 2024

Author:ODA, Masato, and KOBAYASHI, Masamichi

Translated by: ODA, Taiyo

"Divide and conquer" is the practice of deliberately creating conflict and discrimination. It is said to be a common strategy of colonial rule to facilitate control over people.

This technique of manipulating human psychology to keep people from turning on their rulers is also found in ancient Roman Latin "Divide et impera".

At the Tankyu Intelligence Center's "Tankyu Gassyuku", held in October 2023, we held a "roundtable" with participants to meta-recognize this divisive governance and discuss what we need to do to avoid getting caught up in the "divisiveness" that lurks in our daily lives.

This report has been edited based on that dialogue and compiled for the benefit of a wide range of citizens as a social think tank.

We have created a forum within RuleWatcher to cultivate wisdom on how to avoid getting caught up in intentional divisiveness, and we encourage all RuleWatcher users to participate.

As a social think tank, Tankyu Intelligence Center will continue to address these and other topics of importance to civil society.

TIC Report Preventing Divide and Conquer with Dialogue
Download PDF • 1.97MB


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