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Introducing the projects of the Inquiry Intelligence Center researchers.

X-Bridge(cross bridge)*1

Tomoshige Kamotani.png

Researcher Tomoshige Kamoya

Due to climate change caused by global warming, flood disasters are expected to become more severe, and the software aims to ``at least protect lives and prevent catastrophic damage to society and the economy'' from the largest class of floods. Measures are required. Under these circumstances, it is effective to enhance non-structural measures through the cross-sectoral utilization of the abundant data on cities, traffic, weather, etc. held by the national and local governments and where open data is being promoted. It is considered.

Therefore, we created a method to visualize bridges with a high risk of being washed away during floods (hereinafter referred to as "high-risk bridges") using GIS open data, and we packaged this method and held workshops around Japan and online. We devised "✕-Bridge", an activity to create electronic maps.


​ Risk assessment for bridges can be performed using the hazard map portal site's "anticipated flood area (maximum scale)" and various GIS open data, which provides a wealth of bridge-related information. Use the National Q Map*2. A hazard map is displayed on the national Q map, and bridges where access roads are expected to be flooded are determined to be high-risk bridges.


✕-Bridge has developed an educational tool that can be used by the general public, who may not be familiar with such information, to help assess the risks of local bridges at schools and community workshops. These workshops can raise awareness of disaster prevention, provide education for sustainable development, and can be expected to help comprehensively adapt to climate change.

​※1 This research is supported by the Digital Earth Joint Usage and Research Program for Kobe Institute of Information Studies and Chubu University Problem Complex.

​※2 National Q Map, an integrated viewing site for various topographic maps and map information

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