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Scandinavia's Sustainable Tech Banana beckons Japan

Publication Date: April 2023

Author: Anders Olshov

This is a 34-page, magazine-style report designed for easy reading.

Report Overview:

The Scandinavian countries and Japan can contribute to a circular economy by deepening their cooperation. Moves to this end already exist, and now is the time to deepen cooperation. This report was written by Anders Olshov, founder of the Swedish think tank IntelligenceWatch and was awareded as an Economist of the Year in Skåne. (A response report from the TIC exists.)

That argument was raised in the November 2019 report "Business relations Skåne-Japan" in the spirit of a closer partnership between the EU and Japan and with an awareness of the new geopolitical situation characterized by intensifying conflicts between democracies and authoritarian regimes by IntelligenceWatch. In addition, that report also proposed to establish extensive business and research relations between Japan and the twin cities of Malmö and Lund in Southern Sweden/Northern Europe. It argued that these could be developed by creating a "Japan House," a Scandinavian-wide hub in Malmö, Sweden, a 12-13 minute drive or train ride from Copenhagen Airport in Denmark.

This report, the 2023 edition of that report, argues that, given the impact of Brexit and the fact that residents speak fluent English, it is worth considering the Scandinavian region as a natural entry point for Japanese companies into the large EU market of 448 million people. The region, also known as the Silicon Valley of Europe - let's call it the Scandinavian sustainable tech banana because of its shape - is a more sustainable version of California's Silicon Valley, and is a global innovation leader. Therefore, this report is also a recommendation to expand your business in a more uncertain world order, stimulating you to develop and diversify with your partners.

English version is available from the IntelligenceWatch.


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